Margie Miller, Architect
Licenses Oregon 3960, California C19631, NCARB Certification 48703 - Since 1983 Philosophy   Contact   Resume   Home   1   2   4   5   6   7   8   3   “With such a big project at hand, I interviewed three architects before deciding on Margie Miller. Margie’s sensibilities, ability to listen, and sketch our ideas as we dialogued about the project were inspiring. I remember our contractor and structural engineer commenting on how thorough and detailed her drawings were, and both said that attention to detail saved us money in the long run. It was a successful kitchen/home remodeling project every step of the way.” 
- Greg and Diane Morgan
“Margie Miller comes to a project with an excitement and an open mind. She listens to her clients and delivers what they had envisioned. The house she designed for us is livable and innovative. People walking by marvel at its shape and design. It is exactly and more than we imagined. I think Margie Miller is  one of the most creative, smart and professional architects in our country.” 
- Christine Decker Stone "Margie was joy to work with. She approached our project with uncustomary sensitivity to our aesthetic tastes, asked great questions about our living styles and I felt, truly tried to put herself in our shoes. The attention she paid to the design of our space was if it were her own. I was impressed how she not only improved upon the original design of the house but made the remodel appear seamless. Her competence shines also in the area of structural engineering - we'll never have to worry. She worked exceedingly well with our contractor and I would look forward to any other opportunity to work with her."
- Beverly Warren Leigh - Margie started by seeking, learning and understanding our personal needs.
- Margie has a unique ability to transform our ideas into wonderful living spaces.  
- We couldn't be happier with our remodel.  It was already a beautiful house.  She respected that and improved on it.  
- When the project was over, we found that Margie had become our personal friend. 
- Jane Starbird and Gary Peterson
“After completing two projects with Margie (new construction of a second home, major remodel of our primary residence) our only regret is that we don’t own a third home so we can do it again!  Working with her, and that creative process, was pure fun.  And the outcome is two homes that fit our family perfectly!”   - Toija and Bill Beutler
“What I like about what Margie Miller did with our house — we’re talking remodel of a very beige place — has several shades. First the conceptual elevation renderings of our ideas were wonderful, the lady can draw! Second, the new spaces and re-treatments of old ones used the personalities and behavior patterns of family members as formative grist, so they really function and fit for us now. And three, when we were finished, we not only had a place pleasant to look at and live in, but also discovered we had successfully avoided flash and tinsel and showbiz, which means a lot to me. And the lady remains our friend.”  - Tim Leigh
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